I originally began going to Vivian for help with regaining the range of motion in my right shoulder which I constantly put a lot of pressure being a photographer.

Now that I have regained almost full range of motion in that right shoulder, she continues to be instrumental in my being able to continue to work as a photographer by helping relax the muscles in my upper back.

I also deeply appreciate her unquestionable integrity, superior massage therapy skills and expertise, and her sense of humor!

-Omar Lopez
International Photographer 
Vivian Salazar is a gifted massage therapist. Vivian's skill is vast and it is clear she draws from extensive training, a keen knowledge of how the body works as well as fine intuition. She asks good questions, listens well and shares what she knows so I gain the most from my time. I am grateful to Vivian for her great skill and generous spirit. She is totally committed to increasing welness in the world and I look forward to continuing sessions.
With much appretiation,

Patricia Fischer
Riverstone Yoga

AMAZINNNNNG! Is the word use after every massage Vivian gives me. Before I started going to Vivian I practically lived at my Chiropractors office and even had to start Physical Therapy for Shoulder Spasms, Low Back Pain and Tennis Elbow which would NOT go away. I live a very active lifestyle, from going to gym every morning then straight to my 9 to 5 office job, where I sit in front of a computer most of the day, and do alot of heavy lifting of files. I also have a side cleaning business where I do alot more lifting. At one point this was excrutiating for me. Thanks to Vivians massages, my mobility and pains are no longer an issue. And Im free to continue doing what I love to do without the constant aches and pains. She has hands of an Angel.

Wanda Martinez

Vivian Salazar is AMAZING! The massage she gave me, after racing 50 miles on my bike, was so incredible. It didn't even feel like i did the race! Thank you so much!

Melissa Ramirez

I’ve been to my fair share of spas in New York but I have never been able to find the right massage therapist regardless of how fancy the spa was.  Although I have known Vivian for years it never crossed my mind to go to her for a massage.  I think I was blinded by the sparkle spas had to offer.  It was only till I reconnected with Vivian, that I decided to give her a call and set up an appointment at her studio.  Once situated on the massage table, I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as her hands began her magic, I was blown away.  At most spas, I was never able to feel fully relaxed, I wasn’t sure if it was the environment or just something else, but now I know it was because of the massage.  With Vivian, I was able to relax and not worry about anything that was stressing me that day and just enjoy the massage.  She asked the same questions that most massage therapist asked but she also told me that once she started she would know what areas would need work on and she honestly knew what spots to hit and how much pressure to use.  So now I just forget the fancy spas and just go to Vivian.  

Joyce Santiago

Vivian is the BEST!!!! I have had my share of massages in the past but I must say that Vivian is at the top of my list. She really understands your needs and works with you in providing the best experience possible. I work long hours and deal with a lot of stress which ends up in my neck & shoulders and she gets right in there and melts it all away! She is amazing.

Lorena Alfaro

I have had various massage therapist throughout the years but always come back to Vivian. She is the best therapist by far. No one else compares. Vivian takes the time to understand what you need.  If you go to her once you can be sure that you will go back. 

Vanesa Cardarelli

Vivian was great! She was very in tune to what I wanted and needed. She was also very accomodating in her schedlue.

Jessica Christian